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Specializing in health, medicine, mental health, psychology, and healthcare policy. Creating digital and print content, from blogs to books. Clients include publishers, hospitals, and health plans.

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7 Myths About Knee Arthritis

Slideshow: Can you separate fact from fiction when it comes to knee arthritis pain?

Seated yoga pose istock pt article
Psychology Today

Is Yoga an Effective Antidepressant? | Psychology Today

Practicing yoga may ease mild to moderate major depression, a preliminary study shows.

Woman resistance training istock article
Psychology Today

How Strength Training Helps Keep Anxiety at Bay | Psychology Today

Resistance training may help you resist excessive worry and anxiety.

7 Things to Know About Anaphylaxis

Slideshow: Here's a quick primer on the symptoms and triggers of severe allergy attacks.

Why Coloring as an Adult Is the Latest Health Craze

Coloring is a simple way to ease stress, foster creativity, and reconnect with the ageless pleasure of seeing color bring a picture alive.

Woman art museum istock article
Psychology Today

Time Spent in an Art Museum Can Be Good Therapy | Psychology ...

Visiting an art museum may lead to reflection, contemplation - and "emotional amortization" through selfies.

7 Myths About Seizures

Slideshow: There's a lot of misinformation about seizures. Don't fall for these common myths.

Woman laptop happy istock pt article
Psychology Today

Good Posture May Ease Symptoms of Depression | Psychology Today

When you're down in the dumps, sitting up straighter may lift your spirits.

Woman insomnia istock pt article
Psychology Today

3 Habits That Could Be Wrecking Your Sleep | Psychology Today

Habit #2: That glass of wine only seems like it's helping you unwind.

Thank you healing istock pt article
Psychology Today

5 Simple Alternatives to Keeping a Gratitude Diary | Psychology Today

These easy strategies boost gratitude - no journaling required.

Gray Hair Is Back in Style

Women with gray hair have long been told that it's something to be hidden. Now that gray hair is trendy, are we ready to rewrite the script?

Mature woman lifting dumbbell istock pt article
Psychology Today

Conquering Barriers to Weight Training for Women Over 50 ...

Pumping iron is great for women over 50. So why aren't more doing it?

Woman sleeping peaceful istock pt article
Psychology Today

Poor Sleep May Impair the Ability to Feel Empathy | Psychology Today

If you don't snooze, you lose some of your capacity for emotional empathy.

Drawing hand pencil istock article
Psychology Today

Drawing Is a Simple, Powerful Way to Improve Your Mood ...

Bad day? Pick up a pencil and draw this way to feel better.

7 Great Exercises for People with Epilepsy

Slideshow: Having epilepsy increases your risk of developing high blood pressure and prediabetes. Regular exercise helps prevent those problems, and it may even reduce seizures.